Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I've never really had any New Year's resolutions in the past, but I thought I'd try a few this year. I think mine are all doable; I just really need to think about them on a daily basis. I need to ask myself questions before I act to see if I am keeping these overall goals in mind.

1) Save more money. If I purchase items on sale, that doesn't mean I need to spend the difference somewhere else. I need to purchase wisely and with purpose.

2) Waste less food. When I do cook (which is not often), the leftovers often go to waste instead of being eaten. We should take advantage of everything we purchase and everything I cook. I also want to only purchase groceries we need and will use. When we clean out our pantry and fridge, we end up tossing bags of chips that are half empty, celery that has not been eaten, moldy cheese, etc. I really want to work on this and do better.

3) Listen. I used to be a really great listener. Now that we have the boys, I often find myself trying to talk over them and listen over them. It's not working for me. I need to listen, and I need to hear. I need to listen to my instincts too because they are usually right on target.

4) Unplug when I'm with the family. I tend to come home from work, eat dinner, and then let the boys play while I am on my phone or watch TV. I would really like to unplug and spend time with the boys and Allen until the babies go to bed. Allen has said that I have a tendency to "tune out" once we finish with dinner. It's true, and I need to fix it and work on this.

5) Dress the Part. When I'm at home, I am usually in pajamas with no makeup. When I am at work, I wear work clothes. I'd like to see myself actually take a shower and get dressed in jeans and a sweater on the weekends instead of just staying in pajamas every weekend. I'd like to wear more skirts and dresses and dress more on the "business" side than on the "business casual" side. I think this will also help my self-confidence.

6) Date my husband. We have spent so much time focusing on the boys that we have neglected our husband/wife time. I would like to have a date night once a month where we go to dinner or a movie or bowling or something that is outside the house and away from the boys. We need time as a couple and not just time as "Mama and Daddy."

What are your goals? How do you intend to keep them this year?


strongblonde said...

i have similar goals. i just have not written them down. i also want to try to use stuff that's in the pantry and freezer instead of buying more stuff to put there. i feel like i have SO much stuff in the pantry especially that has probably been there for the last 5 years!!!

...hoping to do some sort of regular date night, too. :)

s.e. said...

Oh, we throw away so much food too. Especially now that two little ones like to throw a lot on the floor!

You goals do sound doable. I am glad you reminded me of unplugging. I need to think of that more myself. I often feel guilty when I am on the phone "getting through" the withcing hours instead of on the floor playing.

And do you have family/friends that can sit for you once a month? I would love to do our monthly date nights again but $10 an hour for a sitter makes an expensive night out!

Lost in Space said...

Love your goals and they all seem realistic and doable! The dressing in jeans and a sweater at home one would likely be the one I would not do well at. Oh how I love me some comfy clothes. (-;

No real goals here. Just trying to make this year a little happier than the last...