Monday, June 21, 2010

The Glass House

There once was a lady that lived in a beautiful glass house. She loved her life, her husband, and her children, but the glass house had small fissures erupting everywhere, causing the foundation to wobble....

Each fissure was tiny and insignificant alone, but together, they created a rockiness the sturdy and beautiful house had never known. The stained glass windows were dingy and seemed dark. The carpets were dank. The sunshine was rarely let in because of the filth, although any glimpse of brightness lit up everything in the room with a sparkling glow. The glow, the reflection- awe-inspiring and a sight to behold.

The inhabitants, mere robots, continued on the schedule the Master had laid before them. They worked and worked and worked, never taking a break but always tiring before the batteries of life had time to rejuvenate.

The roof leaked, but the leak created an opening for more light, more hope. Each new task, such as the roof, however, brought more stress and strain on top of the already over-worked robots. But they continued on, for the glory and the light and the small fissures would surely give way to the dark if they didn't.