Monday, March 7, 2011


We have the sickies at my house. I waited almost an entire week to take the boys to the doctor, and even today, I only took Brody. Three nasty letters- R S V. Yep, you read that right. RSV. And Brody may have a touch of pneumonia in his left lung. Mason isn't as bad; he has RSV but no pneumonia. Snot, coughing, more snot, fever, runny noses. Did I say snot? I really need to scream SNOT because it is flying out of noses and dripping (literally) all over our furniture. Anyone care to come sit on our lovely couch for a cup of snot tea?

So, the boys were prescribed breathing treatments. What fun to hold down our sixteen month-olds one at a time for ten to fifteen minutes while we place a medicine-filled mask on them! Actually, it's not fun at all. Hearing the boys scream and hit and kick makes me want to run to my bed and curl up in the fetal position. I think it is the worst thing we have had to do since their circumcisions. We're just not having fun at our house. Not since last week.

Both Allen and I have been sick. I'm getting over my crud, but Allen's has ramped up stronger. We're on meds now too.

All this and our house goes on the market later this week. Fun times.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Count to ten. One.... two..... three...

If you get into some crazy mood and want to be around screaming, snot slinging babies, just head over to our house. We'll leave you to fend for yourself while we go catch some shut eye.


strongblonde said...

:( boo. so sorry to hear this. i hate rsv. i wish that they could just be healthy.

and you, of course.

just breathe.


s.e. said...

Oh, no! And you in all your sweetness are reaching out to me. May your little ones heal and some peace come to you guys soon!

We have been battling germs since January 1. Although I don't understand RSV scares, I get how exhausting illness with two little ones can be!

Gena said...

Sorry, girl. We have never had that but I know it's horrible. Multiply that by two and add two sick parents....misery. Hang in there, spring is coming!

Photogrl said...

Oh, I feel for all of you!

Wishing, hoping, and praying that you ALL heal quickly and feel better soon!

Huge ((HUGS))

genderist said...

Oh wow. Bless your hearts.

Just think to yourself that if they're screaming, they're getting the medicine into every nook and cranny in their lungs.

The Morris' said...

Oh-I hope they get better. We found out in the midst of pneumonia that Justin was allergic to albuterol so he couldnt give Kylie the breathing treatments or he would break out in hives!

many prayers for you all!

Just Me. said...

Oh no!!!!!! are you guys any better now???

hugs hugs and bigger hugs...

ps the pictures that I am seeing on this blog just made me smile. BIG TIME..

Alex and Jill said...

I hope your baby boys are better!! Bless their hearts and yours!