Monday, September 27, 2010


Maybe my child got stuck in the doggy door.

Maybe my other child got stuck in the rocking chair.

Maybe Mason learned to kiss the dog before he learned to kiss us.

Maybe my husband told me the best thing I cook is green beans (from a can).

Maybe Mason and Brody are going to be a year old in less than a month, and I am having a hard time with it.

Maybe Mason makes the funniest noises ever.

Maybe Brody gets "mad" and makes us laugh hysterically.

Maybe I desire more free time but don't know what to do when I have it.

Maybe I (accidentally) made pigs on a blanket instead of pigs in a blanket for breakfast.

Maybe I am blessed by how much my family helps us.

Maybe I got a new camera for my birthday, so I'm back on track with taking hundreds of pictures a month.

Maybe I turned 32 and am completely at peace with it.

Maybe Danielle does the coolest blog designs ever!

Maybe this cooler weather is all I needed to put me in a better mood.

Maybe my husband keeps me laughing.

Maybe the boys have learned to wave and give "high five." They now want to "high five" all through dinner. How can you not laugh?

Maybe Brody tweaked Mason's nose.

Maybe Brody's curly hair is just precious.

Maybe Mason has the most beautiful blue eyes.

Maybe I am so excited about this new season of TV shows- specifically Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.

Maybe this is my favorite season of all! I can't wait for colorful leaves, hot apple cider, and pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing!

Maybe I love change while my husband prefers things to stay the same.

Maybe I am doing the best I can.

Maybe Mason loves boxes.

Maybe I like the boys to have funky hair.

Maybe we took the boys to the park this month, and they had a blast!

Maybe we also went to the zoo for the first time.

Maybe Moxie doesn't want to play ball.

Maybe we are a happy family of four.

Maybe these boys light up my world.

Maybe Brody's mechanical mind intrigues me.

Maybe Mason's free spirit and adventurousness makes me panic.

Maybe my best friend Leah is the very bestest bestie ever!

Maybe my son propped his foot up on the table (and kept it there most of dinner) while we were eating out one night.

Maybe Mason unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper.

Maybe Brody's expressive eyes crack us up!

Maybe Moxie is the most patient dog ever.

Maybe the brotherly love is already showing!

Maybe my kids are the most amazing gift ever!


stacy said...

This post is truly beautiful. So poetic. Reminded me of our days teaching together!

strongblonde said...

getting so close to being one!! :) great pics! i have to get back on track with taking more pictures.

wannabmomma said...

Wow, the older they get the more you can see that Mason looks like your Hubby and Brody looks a lot like you. They are getting so big so fast!!

Jessica said...

your boys are adorable! love the doggie door pics.

Nity said...

LOVE these pictures!!

Your arms are looking strong in the picture of you swinging the boys.

And seriously, the family of four picture about made me cry. I'm so happy for both you and Allen.


alison said...

SO cute! I can't believe the boys are almost ONE! Such an exciting time in your lives for sure. I think I spent six weeks before B's birthday in complete denial, even for a few days after it I was like "there is NO way he's 1!". For me, things have only gotten more awesome since then though, he's just freaking hilarious. It makes the getting older part suck not quite so badly. :) They are adorable, and you look great!

~Jess said...

They're so adorable! Love the butt shot through the doggy door.

It's hard to believe they're going to be ONE!

Mama Dew said...

They are SO CUTE!
The pics of them "stuck" are my favorites!

genderist said...

These are wonderful pictures! I love that you post so many so I can see some of their antics.

Alex and Jill said...

I just loved this. :)

Love all of the pics of your adorable boys and you look amazing!!

Breakfast At Toast said...

Those boys are awfully cute!

Breakfast At Toast said...

just MAYBE...of course :)

Emilia said...

I wish I had had more time when I was in town. I would have LOVED to spend a day with those two beautiful boys and you! I think my Maddy would have had a blast as well! They look like so much fun! Maybe next year...
For now, I hope to get back to these blogs! I love keeping up with you through yours!