Thursday, August 26, 2010


Well, I posted twice last month and now only once this month. I am failing miserably at staying on top of things and updating my blog. Bummer. Sorry.

I'll make this as fast as possible-

Mason is WALKING! Yes, walking. Actually, maybe I should say running. He moves as fast as those chubby little legs can carry him. He is such a big boy. (see video)

Brody still crawls. Quickly. He crawls quickly.
And Brody still loves Moxie. Here's a video of him laughing hysterically as he sits at the doggy door and "plays" with her. All she wanted to do was come inside the house. Poor Moxie. She's getting more than she bargained for with these two boys!

We are having a hard time keeping up with them, hence the lack of posting.

They are now eating almost all finger foods. We have a few jars of baby food in the pantry that I refuse to waste, but they love eating on their own now.

At ten months, Mason weighed 21.9 pounds, and Brody weighed 21.6 pounds. Mason is 29 1/2 inches and Brody is 29 3/4.

So close in weight and size now.

Mason has started to growl when he eats. I'm dying to get it on camera. He also does this when he fake cries. He lowers his voice, opens his mouth really wide, and lets out this moaning sound that cracks us up.

Brody signs "more" at dinner and has the most hearty laugh. He still shakes his head "no, no" on occasion. His scar from the dermoid cyst removal is very small, and we have been keeping Mederma on it regularly.

The boys go to bed about 7 or 7:30. We feed them a bottle at 8:30 and then they sleep until about 6 AM. We use the after-bed-time to get things done around our house.

Mason is a daddy's boy, and Brody is a Mama's boy. We adore it that they have preferences. It will be interesting to see if they stay this way.

I have been trying to cook easier meals. Allen is so dang picky though, although he will not admit it! I cooked some crock pot dressing chicken that I really liked. Neither he nor the boys ate it. I'm cooking crock pot lasagna tonight. I hope it is delicious. I do cook on the weekends, but Allen is not a fan of leftovers. Boo!

Since both boys are mobile now, we often find random things around the house. I found two socks and a teething pacifier in the bathtub this morning. Ha! There was a wooden spoon in the dog bed, and Allen's undies in the middle of the hallway earlier this week. I had spit up in my shoe today, and the TV remote was outside the doggy door. Good grief!

And Mason and Brody both LOVE the dog food and dog water. We literally run to the dog bowls about fifteen times a day because the boys LOVE to eat the dog food and splash in the dog water. Ugh!

Allen's mom, "Bamaw," bought the boys a Toy Story miniature chair. They love climbing in it, on it, around it, over it...

And can you see the bite marks on Brody's bed? So much for resell value. I guess he needs something for all those teeth!


And this is what happens when you try to get both boys in one picture together:

To say the least, our lives are "consumed." We sure do love our little Mason and Brody though!


genderist said...

Yay! I love your picture updates!!

seussgirl said...

So cute!
I think they sell teether things to go on the crib rails?
I have a TON of baby food left over that Bug isn't going to eat. I started feeding it to the twins today (they're 2.5 now), because they always want what Bug has! At least I'm not wasting it. :)

strongblonde said...

omg ashley! the boys are getting so big, i can't even believe it.

any advice for me on introducing finger foods? i swear i must be doing something wrong since my kids still eat stage 2 foods every day :(

Natalie Hudkins said...

Ashley! They are so precious. You are such a good mommy! Those crock pot meals sound like a great idea.
There is no shame in feeding your family sandwiches and applesauce for dinner either! David's favorite meal at that age was toasted wheat bread, turkey, and avocado sandwiches cut up in itty bitty bites. :)

Jess said...

Your boys are so BIG now!! Where does the time go? I can't believe Mason is walking!! And glad to hear that Brody's scar is healing well...what a trooper! Glad you all are doing well :)

Kelsey Johnston Nuckolls said...

Oh Ashley, they are TOO cute :)

uncomplicateme said...

They are *adorable*! And you look awesome, momma! How does time go so fast?! I swear you were just pregnant. :)

Your hubs sounds a lot like mine with being picky and not wanting leftovers. It's super fun planning meals huh? A few other bloggy friends and I started this blog with our favorite meals: There's some crock pot recipes on there you might enjoy!

The Seat House said...

They are so big...and SO CUTE! You are one busy Momma...and CUTE too! :)

Alex and Jill said...

Thanks for checking up on me. :) We have been on the beach for the last week...just got back last night.

I seriously want to hug on these two boys. They are beyond precious. They're personalities always shine through in every picture...I just love it!

And I can't even imagine how busy you are...I'm impressed that we get a post at all! No need to apologize. :)

((hugs)) to you friend!

~Jess said...

Oh my! They are so adorable and so busy too!

Mel said...

So happy to know that I'm not the only one dealing with a little gopher trying to "whittle" his way out of the crib! :) I laughed so hard when I saw the picture! The beautiful espresso finish must just be too inviting, huh?

Thanks for the update...the boys are beautiful! *hugs*

Krystle said...

Oh how cute! I am pregnant with twins right now and have a 2 year old boy :) Your boys are cuties! Linked here from Design Girls page....check out my blog if you have some time!