Saturday, May 29, 2010

Seven and a half months

My sweet boys are just growing up way too fast. They are so fun, but I want time to stand still.


  • Weighs 18.9 pounds (50-75th percentile)
  • 26 3/4 inches tall (50th percentile)
  • Is crawling as fast as we can catch him
  • Is now beginning to eat table food along with his baby food and really likes turkey deli meat, prunes, and macaroni and cheese
  • Still has the most gorgeous blue eyes
  • Sits up on his own
  • Naps about two hours a day (an hour in the AM and an hour in the PM)
  • Chews on everything
  • Is attracted to cords
  • Likes to spit his food when he is finished eating what you have given him
  • Has an adorable chuckle, although he doesn't laugh as often as Brody
  • Is content playing on his own
  • Has one tooth coming in on the bottom
  • Bullies his brother


  • Weighs 18.6 pounds (50-75th percentile and is catching up to his brother)
  • Is 27 1/4 inches long (75th percentile)
  • Is long and lean
  • Not interested in crawling but rolls to get what he wants
  • Has FIVE teeth (three on the bottom and two more coming in on the top)
  • Laughs and smiles all the time
  • Prefers to be entertained and in the room with you
  • Cries when you walk out of the room and leave him
  • Is a good eater and really likes Vienna sausages, turkey deli meat, and peas
  • Naps 3-4 hours per day and is an excellent sleeper during naps and at night
  • Has been a bit cranky because he has so many teeth coming in at the same time
  • Chews on anything and everything he can get his hands on
  • Laughs and grins from ear to ear often
  • Adores Moxie and Tucker and laughs at them and watches them anytime they are around his play area
  • Loves to splash water everywhere when taking a bath
  • Doesn't sit up on his own for very long yet
My sweet boys are going for their first overnight trip this evening at my mom's house. Allen is geeking- not because my mom is taking care of them but because we are "abandoning them." Really? I'm stoked to get an extra hour or two of sleep tomorrow! Allen keeps asking me how I can "just let them go so easily." They are seven and a half months, you know. Geez.

We upgraded to the next car seat size, and both boys are pleased with how much room they have to move now.

We're still in love, but how can you not be with these faces? I've only (literally) taken 406 pictures of the babies during the month of May. That's not too many, is it? I'll have just about every second of their lives documented! HA! Hey- at least they will know they were loved. My children will NEVER be able to say I didn't have pictures of them while they were growing up! I mean, 406 in one month should count for something, right? Maybe it will keep me out of a nursing home for an extra month when I'm old and decrepit.


~Jess said...

They are too cute for words! I love the last picture of the nose pinch :-)

Emilia said...

The are so precious!They do grow up too fast, don't they? Today my firstborn is turning 5! Where does time go!? Anyway, your boys are beautiful!

Just Me. said...

gosh!yes where did the time go!!!!! they are simply gorgeous and you and Allen have done such an amazing job!!!!!!!!

Alex and Jill said...

The pics of Mason on top of Brody, wrestling him are making me LOL!! They are adorable little boys and I love reading what they are up to and how DIFFERENT they are. :)

Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Gena said...

I love that picture of both of them on the floor. What little angels. Ten years ago, did you ever imagine what your life would be someday? :) What a blessing.

Mel said...

Precious...beautiful...perfect in every way! :) They are amazing, Ashley! Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful pictures...even though I totally have a guilt complex now about how many pics I'm taking of our peanut! 406 in one month?! Really?!

strongblonde said...

such great pictures. thanks for sharing! mine are two weeks older than yours and are not as big or tall!! lol!

what kind of car seat did you get? we're starting to think about that now, too!!

strongblonde said...

such great pictures. thanks for sharing! mine are two weeks older than yours and are not as big or tall!! lol!

what kind of car seat did you get? we're starting to think about that now, too!!

Mrs. Dew said...

awe so precious! They are getting so big! They seem like such happy babies!

The Sherrill Family said...

Your boys are BEAUTIFUL!! I love seeing their different personalities emerge. They are so cute! I love it.

I hope you had a wonderful overnight extra sleep! How fun. We haven't done that yet...


uncomplicateme said...

I am in shock that they are 7 1/2 months! I think they just forever stay teeny tiny in my mind! :) They are so sweet! You guys have your hands full with two heartbreakers! I hope the overnight went well - I'm in the same boat as you, extra sleep please!

Natalie Hudkins said...

Gee I would take pictures of them all the time too- they are super cute and very photogenic! Good job Ash!

Photogrl said...

They are getting SO big! I can't hardly believe it!

Adorable, just adorable!

Hope you enjoyed your night away, and got some well deserved sleep!

JJ said...

Growing so fast! And they are SO CUTE!

Jessica said...

i keep meaning to comment on your blog posts and am finally getting around to it. anyway, your boys are so stinkin' adorable...and getting so big! i still can't fathom handling/managing two at a time, but it looks like you're doing a great job!

Jess said...

I can't believe they're so big now!! They are both such cuties... And that last picture is freakin' hilarious! How fun it must be to be brothers :)

s.e. said...

Isn't this such a fun age?

It only keeps getting better but I completely understand about wanting to stop time.

You have two very gorgeous boys!

Barbara said...

I know this is absolutely adorable, I know the boys are cutie pies, I know you are a fabulous Mom and I know I miss and love you lots! Barbara