Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Okay!

  • It's okay to miss being pregnant.

  • It's ok that I bite only my middle fingernails on both hands.

  • It's okay that I cry when I look at pictures of the boys when they were first born.

  • It's Oh Kay to smell your armpits to make sure you don't stink.

  • It's okay to go into the nursery while the boys are sleeping and cry because I am so thankful.

  • It's O.K. that Allen and I fuss with each other because we are exhausted.

  • It's okay that I rarely have time to read a magazine or check emails anymore.

  • It's OK that I usually only get to blog once a month.

  • It's okay that my wedding ring doesn't fit anymore.

  • It's ok that I haven't been cooking often.

  • It's okay that on weekends I often stay in my pajamas all day.

  • It's okay to not get everything on my "To Do" list accomplished.

  • It's OK that I sometimes get mad at myself for not being as organized as I was before I got pregnant because I'm still (likely) more organized than 85% of the population.

  • It's ok that some days I am so tired I don't want to talk to anyone.

  • It's OK that some days I don't accomplish anything but loving my babies.

  • It's ok that our house isn't as tidy as it was before the babies arrived.

  • It's okay that I don't get naps anymore.

  • It's ok to get upset on days I don't have more than five minutes to myself.

  • It's OK that my body doesn't look like it used to anymore.

  • It's Oh Kay to laugh so hard you cry.

  • It's okay to want more kids and yet be scared to death of having more.

  • It's okay that some of my friends don't call as often.

  • It's ok that I take a bajillion million zillion pictures of Mason and Brody.

  • It's Oh Kay that sometimes I get peed on when changing diapers.

  • It's ok that most of my lounging clothes have spit-up stains on the shoulder.

  • It's okay that our dogs don't get as much attention as they used to before we had two infants.

  • It's okay that I sometimes forget birthdays now.

  • It's okay that my full brain still hasn't returned from maternity leave.

  • It's ok to cuddle with the dogs because I need it.

  • It's ok to put up boundaries.

  • It's OK for me to withdraw from life every once in a while.

  • It's ok that I feel guilty for not being nicer to my husband.

  • It's OK that we are now a family of four.

  • It's ok to go out and eat every once in a while.

  • It's okay to recognize I am not perfect and never was.

  • It's Oh Kay that my laundry piles up on my closet floor, and I do it only when I run out of undies.

  • It's ok to ask for help.

  • It's OK to need help.

  • It's ok to feel sad about my babies growing up and getting bigger.

  • It's O.K. to feel like I need some alone time every once in a while.

  • It's okay that my memory isn't as sharp as it used to be.

  • It's O.K. that my car hasn't been clean in more than a year.

  • It's okay that my priorities have changed.

  • It's Ok that some people can't handle both of the babies at the same time.

  • It's ok to admit that my husband might be a better stay-at-home-dad than I was a stay-at-home-mom.

  • It's okay that there are days that Allen and I want to strangle each other.

  • It's OK that I miss my best friend so deeply and earnestly it makes me ache.

  • It's okay that I'm hard on myself for forgetting things that are important (my mother-in-law's birthday and accidentally taking a dress that my best friend loved to consignment).

  • It's okay to love my kids with all my heart.

  • It's Oh Kay to ask silly questions like, "Are you my friend? "

  • It's ok to feel empathy for those still struggling to have children and guilt because I have mine.

  • It's okay that we don't have the kind of money we had before we had babies.

  • It's ok that sometimes I just want to lie in bed and listen to the boys coo in their cribs.

  • It's Oh Kay to laugh when Allen dances because friends, it is hilarious!

  • It's OK to curse.

  • It's ok to feel stressed when both babies are screaming.

  • It's O.K. to sometimes need a break from both my husband and the babies.

  • It's OK to wonder about job security.

  • It's Oh Kay to have cravings when you are not pregnant.

  • It's Oh Kay to stink up the bathroom every once in a while.

  • It's O.K. to have dreams.

  • It's okay to wonder about the future.

  • It's ok to spoil your husband.

  • It's ok to want more out of life.

  • It's O.K. to think about "what might have been."

  • It's okay to have battle wounds.

  • It's okay to know you are loved.

  • It's Oh Kay to burp loudly in front of your husband.

  • It's OK to admit you are wrong.

  • It's Oh Kay to poke fun at your spouse because he takes longer to get ready than you do.

  • It's ok to wear black frequently because you like it and because it hides the baby weight you may still have.

  • It's Oh Kay to sing at the top of your lungs and scare your children.

  • It's O.K. that I cry when I think about how much my babies have grown.

  • It's okay to not know what the future holds.

  • It's ok to take one day at a time.

  • It's OK to keep things that hold a special place in your heart.

  • It's Oh Kay to admit I like some of Dolly Parton's music.

  • It's O.K. to just be "okay" instead of "great" some days.

  • It's okay to say "no."

  • It's Oh Kay to smell your child's butt to see if he has a poopy diaper.

  • It's O.K. to need hugs.

  • It's ok to let people know I have twins and am doing the best I can.

  • It's Oh Kay to need a little something sweet after every meal.

  • It's okay for people to talk about you behind your back because they are going to say what they want to say anyway.

  • It's OK not to know your purpose in life.

It's all going to be OKAY!


s.e. said...

I loved this post, your honesty and acceptance of it all. I needed to read it and you wouldn't believe the similarities between us!

It really all is okay. More than okay. Our lives are now just utterly amazing.

s.e. said...

I must add...your boys are just beautiful. I love the photo with you in the corner!

Jess said...

Sounds oh-so familiar... I'm impressed that you were able to express all of those things! Is it okay to feel like your brain functions at about half of the capacity it used to? :)

Lost in Space said...

Big smile for you. You are doing a great job and those are some handsome little boys you are raising there. (-;

Hang in there, sweetie.

Amy said...

I love you. That's pretty much all I have to say. =]

oh, except that I should probably tell you that I nominated you for a blog award on my "other" blog. LOL

Just Me. said...

Honey, IT IS GOING OK AND IT WILL BE OK! You said EVERYTHING that I feel everyday!

The boys are just gorgeous and you're doing such a great job! Look at you, you have make-up on! I have smeared tears on my face when I don't know what to do with T when he howls & cries non-stop!

Having said that, I am sending you a huge hug and whispering in your ears, SUPERWOMAN, U'RE DOING GREAT. AND BETTER THAN OK.


ps I started blogging again! woot! hehe. I will try to reply to your email by this week, OK? :)

Photogrl said...

It's perfectly okay to be okay.

I think I need to bookmark this post, so when I'm going crazy in July, I can read it and realize I'll be ok.

The boys are just adorable!

Natalie Hudkins said...

Aw! It sounds like you have good perspective! Isn't it amazing how quickly your priorities change?

Alex and Jill said...

Loved this post. And those boys are so stinkin' cute!!!!

~Jess said...

Love this! All these things I feel and think...and you're is ok :-)

Those boys are adorable!

I Believe in Miracles said...

LOVE this post.

genderist said...

It's more than okay that you dig Dolly Parton. She rocks. Jump with me on the Peyton Manning bandwagon and, honey, you've got yourself a buddy.

Dig the post. I think baby was about five months old before it hit me one day that I felt almost like my old pre-pregnant self again. That day will come for you, too, eventually.

The boys are too cute. We're going to have to have a fun playdate sometime if you're up to it. Do you have my number? If not, I bet Dobbs has my husband's. I'm thinking pajamas and pancakes... let me know.

Mandy Miller said...

I have to be completely honest. You have the cutest twins I have ever seen. They both have the sweetest faces, and make me want another baby. Although impossible, and I really don't want another one. I know how much hard work one is, but two. Wow. They have no idea how amazing of a person their mother is. Miss you. I was thinking the other day of our little place we use to go to behind those businesses where the bench sits by that pond. Bryan and I would go there sometimes, and I always remember that.

The Morris' said...

It's ok, because I know how truly happy you are and do you realize how happy you just made me! Your words spoke to me and I wish I had heard them a week after we brought Kylie home...I never thought it was ok and I lost precious time and memories. I will NEVER do that again - but hey its ok!
Love you Ashley!

Mel said...

Look at those GORGEOUS babies!! Love the capture what most every mommy out there feels! It's okay to want another baby but am scared out of my mind! :) And it is okay to feel guilty about even wavering about it when for so long all I wanted was ONE! You are amazing!

D said...

The cuteness is PAINFUL. I love love LOVE their little faces. Those boys are painfully cute.

Shall we play the "that's mason, that's brody" game again? It's a FUN game. I suck at it.